Soup Ingredients

  • McCormick® Black Pepper

    McCormick® Black Pepper

    Why We Love It There is a distinct and undeniable earthiness to the flavor of black pepper, one that is woody, piney, and sharp all at the same ti...

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  • Onions - Lagos Groceries

    Onions, each

    Why You'll Love It Keep your kitchen stock with these onions. Cook or raw, onions contain a whopping load of protective compounds. Chop them into ...

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  • McCormick® Thyme

    McCormick® Thyme

    Why We Love It The taste is light and almost penetrating if prepared correctly and I bet if you have it growing in your garden you would agree. He...

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  • Morton Iodized Salt
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    Morton Iodized Salt

    Why We Love It  What can salt not be put on (in moderation of course)! Put it in everything: salted capers, brined olives, deep-fried pig crips, b...

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  • Maggi Liquid Seasoning, 6.7 oz
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    Maggi Liquid Seasoning, 6.7 oz

    Why We Love It Maggi Seasoning liquid contain a perfect mixture of flavors you will need to add complexity to a delicious dish! Used by generation...

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  • Palm Oil - Lagos Groceries
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    Red Palm Oil

    Why We Love It  It thick reddish liquid will reminds us about our childhood. It is very healthy oil, rich in vitamin E and other minerals. Taste i...

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