Food Deserts in Los Angeles - Not the Only Cause Behind Nutritional Inequality

It is commonly believed that the issue of food deserts in Los Angeles is the major cause behind poor eating habits and health hazards associated with it in the city. However, studies show a different deep result. For the uninitiated, there are many neighborhoods in the LA where no grocery store is located. These areas are known as food deserts.

Unavailability of grocery stores in such places restricts the access of people living there to get quality, fresh food. As a result, they are confined to using subpar food products that lack the nutritional value and therefore are unhealthy for them.

As stated above, a food desert is not the only major cause in the city behind this inequal nutritional divide. There is much more to it. Some of the other major causes include:


A prominent reason for this nutritional inequality, apart from food deserts, in Los Angeles is affordability. People who do not earn enough cannot afford quality food with healthy ingredients. For example, urbanists are now getting inclined towards organic food, a health food option. However, these products are quite expensive; hence, far from the reach of people with low income. Therefore, they have no other option but to rely on cheap products with low nutritional value.

Lack of Knowledge

Despite well-spread awareness of the benefits of quality foods with healthy ingredients, there is a certain section of people who still rely on subpar food products. The reason; lack of awareness and knowledge. They do not pay heed to what’s written in the ingredient section of the label. Rather, they don’t read the label at all. For them  

A Sense of Worth for Parents

Another reason for nutritional inequality in LA is that fast food products, which do not contain sufficient nutrients, are cheap. Parents with low income mostly have to refuse their children for their expensive requests. As they cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle for their little ones, they find a sense of worth when they can fulfill small requests of their kids. For example, getting them ice cream or a hot dog gives them a feeling of satisfaction and content. In doing so, they neglect the fact that they are depriving their little ones of vital nutrients.

It is a known fact that most of the fast food products contain ingredients that are healthy for us. Thus, the kids become more prone to suffer from certain health implications.

A Final Word

These reasons do not take away from the fact that food deserts in Los Angeles make for a vital reason for nutritional inequality. However, the authorities must consider other reasons, which are discussed above, to put an end to this problem. Healthy food is inevitable to live a healthy, prosperous lifestyle; thus, no reason should be ignored and a comprehensive plan is the need of the hour to eliminate the nutritional inequality issue.

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