A Complete Guide on What does Organic Food Mean

What does organic food mean? It is a common question we get to hear as more and more people are opting for healthy living. The internet is filled with articles on organic food, its benefits, drawbacks, what it includes etc. Social media is also raving about organic food. In fact, there are unexpected new food trends of 2020 you can find.If you are one of those, who have no idea what does organic food mean and how it is advantageous for us, you have landed at the right place. Here, we have discussed organic food in detail and shed light on its benefits and other important details. Read on to know more:

What does Organic Food Mean?

Starting with the answer to this basic question, organic food is the product of organic farming. It is a type of farming that is done without the use of man-made fertilizers and other chemicals such as pesticides and growth regulators etc.

To put it simply, the food products we generally eat have certain chemicals in them apart from vital nutrients. These chemicals make their way to the food products during the farming processes. As these chemicals are not healthy for our body, they reduce the nutrient value of these food products. With organic food products, there are no such issues associated because no chemical is used for their farming.

Benefits of Organic Food

Moving away from what does organic food mean, let’s now discuss some of the benefits it gives our body:

  • Organic food is fresh. This is due to the fact that there are no preservatives used to grow this type of food. Thus, it has a shorter shelf life. So, if you are getting organic food in good condition, it is most likely fresh.
  • Organic food not only provides our body benefits directly but in an indirect manner as well. With organic farming, there is reduced pollution. It requires less energy, causes less soil erosion, and uses a lesser quantity of water. Furthermore, it also increases soil fertility.
  • The meat we consume in our routine life is obtained from animals who are given growth hormones and antibiotics. Furthermore, they are also fed animal byproducts. This can result in those animals suffering from certain health implications. With organic farming, there is no requirement to use any of these substances. Thus, organic meat is obtained from healthy animals. This is why it has a higher nutritional value.

Are There any Drawbacks of Organic Food?

While there is no direct drawback associated with organic food but there are certain hurdles that restrict its reach to everyone. Firstly, it is quite expensive as compared to the routine food products we get. Therefore, not everyone can afford organic food. Secondly, it is not available everywhere. These food products are mostly available at places near farms as they have a shorter lifespan. Lastly, there can be a limited selection of food products when it comes to organic foods.

Now that you know what does organic food mean, the choice is now in your hands. The benefits definitely outweigh the limitations associated with organic food products. So, opt for organic diet and make a healthy choice.

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